Humble Beginnings...

The Goldston Rural Membership Fire Department was founded and charted in 1957.  The "membership" portion of their name was based on a fee of $10 per year for people of the town.  Citizens of Goldston paid an annual membership fee to receive fire protection from the department.  

The first department building was built in 1958 on 41 East Goldbar Avenue, and still belongs to Goldston Rural Fire Department.  Goldston's first truck was an International tanker...actually, an International flatbed with a fuel barrel tank that the firemen rigged together themselves to create their first firetruck. 

1st Station

Goldston's first purchased 'true' fire truck was a used 1927 American LaFrance open cab pumper.  It was purchased in 1957 from the town of North Wilkesboro for $1025 at a public auction.  Dewey Barber and Pat Stewart had the opportunity to go pick it up, and it's top speed was a whopping 35 miles per hour.  Due to the speed, and a rain storm the day of purchase, it took all day long to bring her home to Goldston.  Some remember her first outing when they went to assist Pittsboro Volunteer Fire Department with a grocery store fire on Main Street, and the truck breaking down on the way home. Quite the first impression! 

American LaFrance

Founding Members (1958)

Board Members 

Barber, Dewey
Brewer Jr., C.C.
Burke, Wilson
Gaines, Corbet
Gaines, Holland
Harris, Ed
James, Thelbert
Miller, A.K.
Pearce, A.D.
Stewart, Pat
Williams, Art
Andrews, Ike (Attorney)


Balllenger, Earl
Brooks, Earl
Caudle, Leroy
Collins, Tom
Cromer, Paul
Dixon, Bill
Dowd, Bobby
Fields Jr., Charles
Gaines, Dan
Gaines, Johney
Gaines, Shelly
Harris, John
Kirkman, Lyman
McMillian, Howard
Rieves, Bob
Rieves, Buck
Smith, Clarence

Original Members

1958 @ First Station


Barber, Dewey; Brewer Jr., C.C.; Burke, Wilson; Gaines, Corbet; Gaines, Holland; Harris, Ed; James, Thelbert;  Miller, A.K.;  Pearce, A.D.;  Stewart, Pat; Williams, Art;  Andrews, Ike (Attorney)  

Firefighters (Kneeling)

Balllenger, Earl; Brooks, Earl; Caudle, Leroy; Collins, Tom; Cromer, Paul; Dixon, Bill; Dowd, Bobby; Fields Jr., Charles; Gaines, Dan; Gaines, Johney; Gaines, Shelly; Harris, John; Kirkman, Lyman; McMillian, Howard; Rieves, Bob; Rieves, Buck; Smith, Clarence

1959 Firemen

1967 Firemen